Our attorneys have broad experience working with clients on a variety of residential and commercial real estate issues ranging from buying/selling property to litigation over property disputes.

For those looking to buy or sell a home, the process can be an overwhelming and time consuming. We work with our clients to ensure that they are informed and protected during each stage of the transaction.

For condominium unit owners and condominium associations, we provide information, counseling, and advocacy to resolve questions about condominium documents, unit owner disputes, and issues that arise between unit owners and the association.

If you are considering converting your property into residential condominiums, we will work with you to explain the process and draft all of the documents necessary to facilitate the conversion.

We assist non-profit and business clients in commercial real estate leases and transactions as well as issues involving zoning, permitting, abutters, and other matters related to their real property.


  • At trial, we obtained a jury award, with interest, totaling over $750,000 for our client whose property was continuously flooded due to her neighbor’s negligent construction of a home and driveway. Our client purchased a horse farm. Thereafter, the defendant constructed her home and hired a site excavator to construct a 270-foot driveway.  Due to water buildup on the defendant’s property, the excavator placed an 80-foot drainage pipe under the driveway directed at our client’s property.  Whenever it rained thereafter, the water on the defendant’s property flowed through the drainage pipe onto our client’s property, flooding, and causing substantial damage to her property and livelihood.  After trial, the jury rendered its verdict in the total amount of $529,000 equally against both defendants: $289,000 for our client’s property damage and loss of business, and $240,000 for emotional distress, plus interest at 12% per year.

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