We provide zealous, proficient, and sensitive advocacy to clients in difficult family, divorce and custody cases. Our goal is always to help our clients achieve a better future for themselves and their children.

We provide thoughtful and individualized legal and litigation services for clients seeking to terminate both short and long-term marriages through a Complaint for Divorce or a Joint Petition for Divorce. We also adeptly guide clients through the process of responding to an action that has been filed against them and work quickly to map out a strong response and long-term case plan.

In cases where a party fails to comply with a court order or when a change in circumstances requires a new court order, we successfully counsel and help our clients navigate the complex Family Court system.

We also handle paternity cases, custody disputes, and work with clients seeking to adopt a child under a variety of circumstances, including step-parent adoptions, adoptions for same-sex couples, and grandparent adoptions.

For clients facing domestic violence, we bring insight, experience, and fortitude to assist with obtaining and renewing restraining orders and pursuing legal remedies for cases involving child support, custody, divorce, alimony and contempt.

We are proud to represent all types of families and understand and appreciate the unique issues that may arise for LGBTQ individuals and families.


  • Attained a favorable divorce settlement in which our client was awarded the entire marital home as well as alimony, medical insurance, and a large portion of the former spouse’s retirement assets. The settlement was reached after we were able to show that the ex-spouse was understating assets and income by extensively pursuing discovery of the ex-spouse’s business and financial records.
  • Obtained permanent restraining orders for a young woman who had been assaulted by two family members. The restraining orders were appealed by the abusers and upheld by the Massachusetts Appeals Court.
  • Achieved a $60,000 settlement on behalf of a client whose former spouse failed to pay educational expenses for the parties’ child. Since the former spouse resides abroad, we were able to secure the monies for our client through an attachment on the ex-spouse’s disability insurance benefits.
  • Successfully resolved post-divorce issues for a client with an abusive ex-spouse and special needs adopted children, which allowed our client to rebuild and move forward with her life.

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